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TRF - The Rummy Federation is a not-for-profit society established under the Societies Registration Act, to guide and support the online rummy industry in providing sustainable and healthy entertainment to players across India.

TRF aims to encourage, develop, facilitate and support the online rummy operators to adopt a common set of standards and practices with the goal of building a self-regulatory framework that will lead to a responsible industry and protect player interests. TRF also acts as the unified voice of the online rummy industry that works with all its stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of the online rummy business.

The key stakeholders of TRF are online rummy operators, online skill games operators, policy analysts, industry experts, economists, law firms, consulting firms, technology providers, service providers, payment gateway, tax consultants and game enthusiasts among others.

Our objectives:

  • Develop and promote the game of online rummy
  • To promote adoption of standards and operating guidelines by online rummy operators and provide accreditation for such standards
  • To represent rummy operators in various industry forums and with policy makers for policy advocacy
Meet Our Memebers
Strategic Partners
Service Providers to Online Rummy Industry
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Know More About Our Services
“The Federation is dedicated to extending its services to develop and promote the online rummy industry, to promote adoption of TRF standards and guidelines for improving business processes, and initiating policy recommendations and representing rummy operators in various forums.”
TRF has developed guidelines and operational standards to strengthen all online rummy operators. Focused market research, events and other industry initiatives are implemented through various committees of TRF to support industry growth and to promote a fair and responsible game-play environment for all stakeholders.

There are four core areas of emphasis.
Policy Advocacy
  • Advocacy on common issues faced by online rummy players
  • Represent the industry before both State and Central Governments and be a collective voice of the industry to bring up relevant issues to the concerned authorities
  • Help in making vital recommendations on policy matters to stimulate growth of the sector
  • Formalizing standards (TRFS) for online rummy business
  • Setting up and running accreditation process based on TRFS
  • Enroll and encourage online rummy operators to adopt TRFS through accreditation
  • Organize periodic audits
Industry Events
  • Organize industry events, seminars, summits and involve various business operators, regulatory functionaries and service providers along with other stakeholders
  • Educate, create awareness about and promote the online rummy industry, & raise current industry challenges and possible solutions at such forums            
  • Create awareness about the skill and knowledge required to master the game of rummy
  • Offer a common platform
    • to meet with other operators in the sector and share experiences
    • to represent the industry before various service providers such as banks, payment gateways, online advertisers and others
    • to interact with international rummy players, and investors, amongst others
Market Information
  • Build and develop market knowledge
  • Conduct business research
  • Publish reports on market development and recent trends
  • Share industry research publications and TRF body of knowledge (BOK)
  • Data bank for service providers and other industry partners
  • Update and share expert opinions on legal and tax related issues
Meet the Advisory Panel
The advisory panel of the Federation comprises of the following members –
Vidushpat Singhania - Managing Partner, Krida Legal
Vidushpat Singhania is amongst the leading Sports & Gaming lawyers in India and is well recognized and acknowledged worldwide for his expertise on online skill games, league formation and rights structuring, FEMA and Tax implications, related commercial transactions and anti-doping disputes. He is also instrumental in drafting of several laws and policies related to sports and gaming in various jurisdictions and has authored several publications including the title on “Law & Sports in India”, which is a leading reference work.

He is an advocate registered with the Delhi Bar Council and a member of various councils and governing bodies such as British Association of Sport and Law, International Association of Sports Lawyers, Secretary Indian Premier League Probe, FICCI National Sports Committee, Sports Authority of India, Gaming and Leisure Group of UK-India Business Council, Regulatory Commission of the Indian Super League and International Association of Gaming Advisors and ASSOCHAM’s Sports Committee, among others.
Vaibhav Kakkar, Partner – Corporate and Regulatory, Luthra and Luthra

Vaibhav has a unique mix of extensive regulatory and transactional expertise, and specializes in structuring transactions (especially cross-border), and advising on foreign investment/exchange laws, company law, securities laws, TMT laws and gaming laws. He has advised several global corporations on appropriate strategies in relation to investments in India and domestic and multinational clients including cross-border M&A, JV, PE transactions. He has in-depth experience with industry-specific legal and regulatory issues in sectors including gaming, retail, real estate, telecommunications, pharma, education and the financial sector. He regularly advises on policy issues pertaining to the industry and worked with some of the largest online gaming companies in India. He regularly comments in the media on issues of current interest and legal developments related to the sector.

Meet TRF Team
TRF has a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly working to support all its stakeholders.

Mario Galea
Mario Galea, President

Mario Galea is the President of The Rummy Federation. He has been working in the gaming Industry for the past twenty years. He has been an operator, a regulator and a consultant in gaming.

In 2004 he established the Malta Gaming Authority and was its first CEO. He launched the Remote Gaming Regulations in 2004 which were the first to regulate online gaming in a responsible manner. Today these regulations act as a standard for other similar regulations around the world. Under his leadership, Malta licensed over three hundred operators becoming the biggest and most respected jurisdiction globally. In 2013 Mr. Galea assisted the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to roll-out online gaming in that State. He has worked with other regulators in US States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines and European jurisdictions. He also founded BellMed one of the largest Datacenters in the world for online gaming.

Mr. Galea is consultant on all aspects of online gaming but his expertise is policy making for regulators and business seeking to enter or are operating in the online gaming market. He advises on gaming policy, strategies, technical standards and project managing rollouts. Mr. Galea is also the co-founder of the European Gaming Standards Association - an industry body that strives to bring standards to the gaming industry.

Message from Mr. Mario Galea, President TRF
It is a privilege for me to be elected as first president of The Rummy Federation. In my gaming career, spanning over twenty years, I must confess that this is a position that I have never been in. During this time, I have received several invitations to be represent various industry bodies, but I have had to turn them down due to my work and other commitments. In this case I chose to accept the invitation because I saw a genuine effort by the stakeholders behind TRF to really establish a holistic governing framework that protects both the operators and the players, and this is something that is fundamental to my principles in the conduct of gaming activities.

These principles, broadly known as "responsible playing", are critical to the sustainability of our industry. They are so fundamental that many countries have entrenched responsible playing as one of the fundamental pillars of their legislation that regulates skill games. It is therefore a show of great courage when the industry stakeholders themselves step up and bind themselves with responsible playing measures to protect their consumers.

Conducting skill games in a controlled, responsible environment is not an easy task and certainly TRF has a mammoth task in the days ahead while pursuing the ambitious targets that they have set. As a starting point, one may ask what going to be TRF's mission and the role it must play within the Indian online skill games market. After all, responsible playing should be part of the service offered by every operator - so why do we need a supra body to have oversight on what the operators do? More importantly, what will be the safeguards in place to ensure that such body is independent, unbiased and transparent to all stakeholders?

The tenets of responsible playing are:
  1. Skill games must be fair and transparent to the players,
  2. Protect minors and vulnerable persons,
  3. Keep skill games safe and free from fraud and crime.
To achieve all of the above, skill games operators must introduce controls, policies and procedures as part of their day to day functions when conducting their business. The immediate questions that comes out are

  • What are these policies?
  • What level of control is required?
  • How do we ensure that there is a level playing-field among operators?
  • How do we make sure that operators are implementing these controls?
  • Who reviews these controls at a national level to assess their effectiveness?

It becomes immediately obvious that the role of TRF can provide answers to all those questions. TRF shall create standards that clearly define the controls and policies to be adopted by operators to achieve responsible playing status.

Each standard will address a specific measure; and specify not only how that measure must be implemented but also what is the expected effect, so that there will be an overall outcome across the industry that is material, universal and unequivocal.

Operators who want to be compliant with the TRF standards must adopt all controls and policies as specified by the standards, thus ensuring a level playing field amongst operators. TRF will appoint accredited auditors that will be tasked to verify, on a continuous basis, that these standards are always upheld. TRF shall compile data from auditors as well as monitor public perception through media and online sources to assess the effectiveness of its standards.

TRF shall represent the industry at large, and not any individual operators, and it's over-arching aim is to promote, educate and disseminate good governance in the Indian online skill games industry in a way that allows the sector to flourish. The stakeholders in the industry are not only the operators, but the players themselves, government officials, the judiciary and the services providers that are somehow connected with this industry. The role of the educator and promoter is a crucial to the overall success of the rummy industry, and therefore forms the basic tenet of TRF's mission.

Ultimately TRF must be recognised and trusted, by all stakeholders, as a credible and impartial organisation. To achieve that, TRF must demonstrate from the outset that it is competent of the task it has been assigned. It must remain independent from all stakeholders and must be unbiased in its adjudication. TRF must have the best resources in the skill games industry to assist it in carrying out its duties.

The executive power for the adoption the standards shall be trusted to TRF. In return, TRF will adopt audit policies that are objective and free from misinterpretation.

As first president of TRF, my mission will be to guide the organisation through the critical first-steps to develop world-class responsible playing standards, a team that has the skills capacity to implement and maintain them. I understand that it is not going to be an easy task for any of us, but it's one that has a massive impact on potential size of the rummy industry of the future.

I would like to compare TRF to the mustard seed - a tiny initiative that will grow and flourish as another sustainable sector in the Indian economy.
Tanuja Adhikari, Associate Vice President
Tanuja is a management professional with 10+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Business Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Government Advisory and Business Development. She has rich experience working with cross-functional teams to help clients transform their business through a combination of broad business acumen and sectoral knowledge.

She has handled major domestic and international clients in the private and public sector, and helped them to make strategic decisions involving regulated industries and complicated commercial arrangements. She has worked on policy matters and advocacy at both Central and state Government.

Tanuja has managed several industry events and knowledge partnerships. She has worked closely with various industry chambers and associations such as FICCI, CII, PHDCCI and Assocham among others. She has authored various industry research/ knowledge publications.
She is an MBA (Marketing and Finance) and previously worked with organizations such as Yes Bank, Axis and Technopak Advisors.